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HR Administration

Human Resources are a base of each business process and one of the most important elements in managing a company, regardless of the scale or scope of its activities.

Talent Pool provides HR administration services for Russian companies, foreign companies with representative offices on the territory of the Russian Federation, including companies that do not have representative offices in Russia. The effectiveness of HR administration processes affects the quality of management decisions. In addition, HR administration processes regulated by

labor legislation are mandatory and require highly skilled specialists to implement.

HR Administration is a routine work and can be labor intensive, depending on your industry trends and business circumstances. One more complication is ever changing labor legislation and regulations. Talent Pool handles this critical, yet not core activity for you so you can focus on strategic HR initiatives.


- free time for you core business;
- optimize expenses;
- create more effective and efficient organizational structure;
- Reduced risk of improper HR records’ management;
- as the result - higher profit.

Using HR Administration Outsourcing services there is no need for you to perform routine tasks. But you need a trusted partner to stay compliant. It helps you to save time and focus on higher priority tasks. Talent Pool is just such a partner.

Depending on the scope of activities, the legal form of your business and other conditions, there are different options of work. As for Russian companies and foreign companies, with representation offices on the territory of the Russian Federation we offer two types of cooperation:

- services can be provided on-site by our specialists at the client's offices in Moscow and in other cities,

- remotely, with the exchange of information and documents effected through a secure data transfer and storage system or via courier service.

We set up, maintain and update employee files according to labor legislation and your internal regulations. At the same time, we maintain and update employee records in the HR Management System.

We make sure that your company stays compliant with labor legislation and requirements, whether you hire new employees, promote them to new positions or when they leave your business.

Talent Pool provides HR administration, carrying out the execution and maintenance of HR documentation in full compliance with the labor legislation as for Russian and foreign companies operating in Russia.

Talent Pool offers a wide range of
HR Administration services

- Hiring of staff;
- HR administration outsourcing includes:
- change in working conditions;
- dismissal of employees or reduction in staff numbers;
- absence of employees on various grounds;
- assignment of employees on business trips;
-providing incentives for employees to work on weekends and holidays;
- staff vacations;
- imposition of disciplinary sanctions;
- bonus payment.

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