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Take the best from hr practice – use outsourcing!


Outstaffing service is especially beneficial for large companies which conduct activities in several Russian regions. It also useful

for foreign companies to save time on studying legislation of Russian Federation and to delegate some activities to experts in this field.

Advantages of outstaffing provided by talent pool:

- Optimization of business processes of Department on work with the staff and the organization as a whole.
- Reducing the load on the personnel service of the enterprise.
- Tax optimization and minimization of risks.
- Delegation of responsibility in the event of an inspection by regulatory authorities.
- Reducing the burden on the accounting of the enterprise.
- The decrease in the number of employees in the staffing schedule.

- Decreased administrative and financial burden on the company while maintaining direct supervision over the employees.

Outstaffing services of foreign nationals assumes full legal responsibility for personnel, including HR administration, calculation and payment of salaries and tax deductions.

But in fact, besides all the advantages, the procedure of registration of the employee who is a citizen of another country, is difficult, time-consuming, requires additional work in the unit personnel office and others.

There are some requirements for employer and employee:

The employer must be obtained in accordance with legislation permission for foreign national to use it as a foreign employee;

- the foreign worker must obtain a permit to work for a particular employer;

- labour contract must be concluded between the foreign employee and the employer.

Talent Pool provides outstaffing services since 2005 and we can facilitate all the procedures of outstaffing services. We have accreditation of Federal Labor and Employment Agency (Rostrud) as the private employment agency and carry out activities on Temporary staff provision in accordance with Russian law.

This solution includes:

-Work with all categories of the foreign citizens;

-Working with all regulatory authorities ( to ensure timely presentation of documents to admission/transfer/dismissal of the foreign citizen);

-Monitoring the timely provision of information from the customer and employee;

-Control the timely disbursement of funds to the cards of employees;

-Monitoring changes in legislation.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us, our consultants will surely advise you the best solution.